Find something new to play

We're changing the way DJs discover, organise and share music. Trackstack is the easiest and fastest way to find something new to play. Whether you are planning a new set, sharing a mix with a friend or having a session in your bedroom, Trackstack is a your personal digital crate digging tool.

21st century digital crate digging

Become a more creative and varied DJ, explore genres in depth like never before. Save and bin track samples accross different retailers and quickly build new set lists. Always find something new to play with simple and powerful filtering.

Stay on top of what's relevant

It’s easier to feel like you know what artists and labels are worth checking out when they are right in-front of you. Trending shows you what artist and labels everyone has been exploring in real time.

Build your next set effortlessly

Save and bin track samples from multiple retail stores and platforms into Stacks, your new playlists. Every track saved will sync across devices so you can get it into your next set whenever and wherever you’d like.

Browse multiple stores and platforms inside one app.

More integrations coming soon.